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Who are we?

Cherryweb is a vibrant graphic design, branding, web and print design service company focused on evolving brands, engaging websites, and empowering businesses. In short I will help you look good and promote your business. Even make you money. Sounds good? .

Published : 12 November 2009

We can help

Custom website design

Advanced flash animations

Corporate branding

Logo and corporate identity

Business stationary

Media advertising

Global advertising "London"



Print production management

Marketing kits

Illustration design

Graphic design

Year end gift promotions (relationship

Search engine optimization

E commerce (credit or debit)

Google AdWords

Website analytics and marketing to target    demographic.

Published : 12 November 2009

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Leonard van der Merwe
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The importance of having a Website ?
Tips and Tricks

We life in the 21 st century. It's full of technological advancement and in this technological age it is very difficult for a business to survive without a website. Your website becomes an essential part of your every marketing and advertising. A website makes an strong impact on the image of your company. If you want to expand your company world wide, having a website online is crucial.

Today, many people depend on their website to gain exposure and to increase their sale revenue. Do you?

Published : 13 November 2009

                        The only constant is change. Keep up with the world. Get your website.

Growing your Corporate image ?
Tips and Tricks

You can grow you're corporate identity by building your brand and cleverly marketing your company. It's not as hard as you may think.

Building a brand involves a strong visual logo design, stylish business cards and sophisticated to-the-point brochures. Your most important designs are your brochures and advertising. Make sure that as many people as possible in your area get to see them. If you don't have a brochure get in touch with us and we will produce a branding campaign to advertise your specialties. Handing out fliers will increase business awareness and put you further on the road to success.

Published : 13 November 2009

                        Is your corporate identity doing it's job? Look at your business card and ask
                        yourself; what do you think of the company? Email us your business card
                        and we will show you how we can improve it.


         What is branding? Simply it’s full service creative solution that can help reach your
         audience and build relations. I do more that create professional websites. I kill bad design.